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Miguel de Leon is an abstract artist living in Los Angeles.


Miguel’s first memorable childhood experience with art was through comic books. He loved all the energetic and dynamic illustrations, and for many years, his comic books were his most prized possessions. Not only did he completely lose himself in the adventures of his favorite heroes and heroines, he also began a lifelong passion for fantasy, and the written and visual forms of expressing it.


At a young age, Miguel traveled frequently, absorbing the different cultures of many cities, including London, Paris, and Manila. These early travels inspired Miguel, and exposed him to many different art forms. Whether he explored the Louvre in Paris, or London’s National Portrait Gallery, Miguel formed a deep appreciation for art and history.


As a teen, Miguel began to sketch and paint regularly, to express his thoughts, fears, and a very active imagination. It was during this time that one of his paintings won first place in a United Nations art competition. The competition not only celebrated the International Year of the World's Indigenous Peoples, but also the 48th anniversary of the United Nations itself. The certificates and awards Miguel received from this win further encouraged him to study his craft even more.


Miguel continued to draw and paint into adulthood, and embraced other artistic forms of expression—especially writing. Today, painting and writing have provided a harmonious balance for him, which he is immensely grateful for.


As an abstract artist, Miguel’s work revolves around the joy and challenges of everyday life. Everything from the view of a garden, an argument, a cup of coffee, or a recently read story about a dragon can serve as his inspiration. 


As a fantasy novelist, Miguel is the award-winning author of the novels Blue Cloak Warrior, It Took Billy, Babble Magic, The Light Dweller, The Covens of Elmeeria, The Unicorn, Carry the Knight and the Galadria fantasy trilogy.


Miguel still collects vintage comic books to this day.